She went up against the monster,

Weapons raised,

Poised to strike.


It stared back,

Mirroring her gaze,

Hatred in its eyes

Confidence glinting through

As she put down her weapons,

Undid her armor.


And just as the monster thought she had given up

Thought the fight was drained out of her,

She shoved her hand forward,

A gesture of acceptance.


And then all of a sudden,

The beast stumbled,

Tripping over its own steps,

And unknowingly,

Gave her the secret to bringing it down;

a sense of acceptance,

Will to make amends

And move on….



She closed her eyes,

Blinking back tears,

But she only managed

To bring back memories of the days gone by.

Memories she thought she had long forgotten,

Fleeting moments of the past;

happy times,

And of the sad.

She closed her eyes;

concealing a sad smile.

The feeling of fondness overwhelming her,

A sense of happiness,

Until it faded to black,

Into nothingness,

As her thoughts ran astray,

Drowning in the cries of lost souls.


“Don’t kid yourself. 

Things don’t last; 

not forever.

Eventually they’ll fade,

The glass will shatter. 

The bricks will break.

And your wall will come crumbling down.”

I had heard these words before,

I hear them now and again.

But once I let someone through. 

I believed in forever. 

Some seeds don’t sprout. 

Some flowers are not meant to bloom. 

And now,

I am stranded once more.

But this time there is no wall. 

Because in the end,

Forever is worth the heartbreak.


It all started, 

With a pair of mismatched socks,

On the hardwood floors 

As she opened her door 

To collect her mail,

In a baggy sweatshirt and a tattered pair 

Of printed shorts.

He walked up the last few steps,

Annoucing his arrival and in the process,

Dusting her cheeks with a layer of red.

She looked up and smiled,

Only to see the seemingly nonchalant look on the tall boy’s face.

“Your socks?” He asked.

An eyebrow raised,

Expelling arrogance.

She nodded,

Diverting her eyes.

And only when she glanced back,

She saw his jeans were raised just enough,

To see the multi-coloured stipes and checks,

“Me too!”

Sparking a laugh

That never really ended.


(“Hold your head up high girl,

You are a pearl in the depths of the big blue sea”)

She heard these words all the time,

But she never really paid attention to them,


With the pain coursing through her veins,

She heard them loud and clear.

(“Hold your head up high girl,

Diamonds don’t break on impact”)

She looked in the mirror,
Her reflection staring back,

Wearing what should have been a shiny iron armor,

But the rust spots,

And the dented metal,

Drove the hope from her eyes.

(“Hold your head up high girl,

Gemstones buried in the sand are still valued”)

Not the first time she heard these words,

But it was the first time,

She sat up straight on a dark horse,

And charged into battle wearing nothing but;

a rusted, dented, messed up iron armor.


A dash of words from their darkest nights,

A pinch of the hope they had had,

Two tablespoons of the gifts they exchanged,

A single teardrop from the joy they felt,

And a bottle of the drink they shared.

They sat together,

On the little park bench,

As they shared the potion,

They had managed to brew,

Laughing at lame jokes,

And talking about poop,

Smiling to themselves,

Because some things will never change.


I stay awake some days, 

Thinking about you.

The way your hair frames you face,

The way you smile always feels fake.

I ponder over,
Your story,

Your thoughts, 

And selfishly wonder,

If you think bout mine.

If maybe you stay up thinking,

About how my hair covers-up,

My tear stained face.

-The Sly Bagder